Resources for educators

Academic papers on using Tiles IoT Inventor toolkit in educational settings

Designing IoT applications in lower secondary schools. A. Mavroudi, M. Divitini, F. Gianni, S. Mora, D. Kvittem – Global Engineering Education Conference (EDUCON), 2018. PDF preprint

Introducing IoT Competencies to First-Year University Students With The Tiles Toolkit. S. Mora, F. Gianni, S. Nichele, M. Divitini – Computer Science Education Research Conference, 2018 (CSERC). PDF prepint

Rapid Prototyping Internet of Things Applications for Augmented Objects: The Tiles Toolkit Approach. F. Gianni, S. Mora, M. Divitini – Proceedings of European Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AMI), 2018. PDF preprint

Tiles: A Card-based Ideation Toolkit for the Internet of Things. S. Mora, F. Gianni, M. Divitini – Proceedings of ACM Designing Interactive System conference (DIS), 2017. PDF preprint

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